Agile Scrum Foundation Courseware

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"As a supplement to the Agile Scrum Foundation Courseware () publication, you are advised to obtain the publication Agile Scrum Handbook (). The Courseware is accredited and can be used for the Agile Scrum Foundation certification from EXIN. There are also sample exams added to the material, complete with assignments and strong visuals to support the delegates' didactic learning. This course was created by the author of the official manual for the certification program. This course will help educate you on Agile & Scrum as well as common practices and techniques such as: ❶ The course focuses on understanding the real meaning and use of Agile and Scrum in a straightforward and consistent manner. It also runs through the different types of projects where Agile or Scrum works best. Knowledge gained here is designed to help you figure things out quicker in the real world. ❷ The course is a complete guide to the core Scrum framework based on the 2020 edition of the Scrum Guide. It covers the roles and responsibilities, events, scrum artifacts and comes complete with a short section about scaling Scrum. ❸ There's a chapter on eXtreme Programming, which is an opportunity to explore some of the more essential Agile practices and techniques, such as Test-Driven Development and Pair-Programming in an more integrated manner. ❹ An overview of the DSDM® methodology that focuses primarily on an approach to managing scope and fixed-price contracts in a more structured manner. ❺ There's also a general overview of Kanban. "

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