Why Europe?
  • Why Europe?
  • Why Europe?

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Will Ukraine ever be an EU member?
Why don't we have a European army yet?
Does crisis make the EU stronger?

The European Union has great influence on the lives of its citizens. That situation can prove to be controversial. Decisions made by the EU often lead to misunderstanding and resentment.

Aside from these controversies, it is clear that the Union we live in today, is the result of a myriad of choices by policy makers throughout the years. A better understanding of these choices and of the recent history of the EU allows us to better grasp its impact, and offers insight into why certain subjects are harder to place.

Why Europe? offers a historical as well as thematical insight into the development of the European Union. Drawing from six questions that put main events, key figures as well as the defining moments of the past seventy years in the foreground, this book lays out the essence of European integration.

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