The brotherhood of Shamballa

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THE BROTHERHOOD OF SHAMBALLA A cosmic revolution is announcing itself and at this turning point in human history the Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross once more finds itself confronted with the task of preparing as well as possible all those who "have ears to hear and eyes to see" for the coming events. At the same time, every true seeker ought to become aware of the breathtakingly great possibilities which this time is offering all mankind. The Universal Brotherhood is radiating its helping Force of Love ever more strongly into this world and the most im-portant centre for this intervention is Shamballa, the "City of the Gods". In the same way, there is a focus of the Christ intervention, the Rose of the Heart, in every human microcosmic life-system. This book shows how the right understanding of Shamballa and its possibilities can make the seeker of Truth conscious, step by step, of the path of liberation. ISBN e-book: 9789067326773 ISBN Paperbook: 9789067320085

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