The Leadership Book for Women

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What can you do yourself to advance your career? And how do you successfully fulfil a leadership role? That is what ‘The Leadership Book for Women’ is all about.

In this book Marja Wagenaar introduces the 50/50 method: a powerful new principle. This approach helps women to gain control in every phase of their career. The starting point? Spend half of your time and energy on the organization’s goals and use the other half to achieve your own personal career goals. The result: more visibility and a successful career.

‘The Leadership Book for Women’ is a complete book full of practical exercises and inspiring examples. It is the first book ever that addresses women’s entire career cycles. Topics include building your reputation, vertical networking, making the unwritten rules working for you, operating strategically and landing your dream job. A book for women who not only want to take care of their organization, but also want to take care of themselves.

Marja Wagenaar PhD is a leadership expert. With her company Leadershipint. she helps leaders and their organizations to advance their strength worldwide. She developed the 50/50 method: a successful approach for female leaders and all those women who aspire to become a leader.

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