Agile focus in governance

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* Are you member of either the management team or the board and do you see the need to adapt your organization to Agile? Do you intend to make the organization more agile? * Are you a coach helping organizations in the transformation to becoming more agile? And are you planning to support this transition using a bottom-up or top-down approach? In this pocket guide you will find a practical approach on how to handle this. Governing an organization in a fast-changing world. And all this although the issues of the day require a lot of your attention and can distract you from the results you want to achieve. The authors consider how to operationalize the organization's strategic goals and consequently the governance of the entire organization. The authors start from the position of: * Clarifying what has to be achieved in the next quarter in order to achieve the strategic goals. * Introducing a system of short cyclical adjustments, with which you can respond to changing demand from customers or emerging laws and regulations. * Working closely together as management team or board towards the long-term strategic goals and preventing everyone within the organization from following their own goals. * Bringing more focus on the operationalization of the strategy, less 'fire-fighting' and greater emphasis on fire prevention. * Getting a clear picture of what prevents your employees from doing their jobs effectively. Will you succeed in removing the barriers holding back your organization? The core message of this pocket guide is application of the FOCUS board. This is a visual approach to management and a strong tool for governing the organization. When this is applied, it will result in collaboration between all layers of the organization, enable short cyclical adjustment and provide a clear focus on achieving the strategic goals.

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