Regulating the City: Contemporary Urban Housing Law

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In Regulating the City: Contemporary Urban Housing Law the authors seek to address a range of issues that focus largely on the question of housing in an urban context. It is in the urban context that the challenge of contemporary housing law and policy is at its most acute with issues of supply, regulation, density and the like at the forefront of the debate. Housing law is one of the most important and vibrant areas of law. Its importance is rooted in the fundamental value of the home, but its significance ranges far wider encompassing issues such as human rights, anti-social behaviour, property law, planning, contract, regulation, economics and public policy. In contrast to previous research, this book does not solely focus on doctrinal analysis of the law, but combines insights from socio-legal studies, human rights research and comparative legal analysis. In addition, it provides the reader with an international comparative perspective by including chapters about housing law in non-English speaking countries. This book is the first volume in a new series that seeks to examine the many faces of housing law from a variety of academic and professional perspectives.

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