Survival Guide for Times of Change
  • Survival Guide for Times of Change
  • Survival Guide for Times of Change

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Learn why the ancient Greeks did winter training, how a one-second lead can make all the difference, and how to overcome a bad day. Discover essential skills for the modern workplace and learn from surprising sources, such as a sheikh, a farmer, and even a lobster. This essential guide prepares you to increase adaptive resilience and navigate life successfully. Manage uncertainty, bring order to chaos, and embrace change with confidence.


"This Survival Guide for Times of Change offers 25 change hacks that serve as a compass in this rapidly changing world, giving you the much-needed peace and clarity to take informed steps in both your professional and personal life."
- Lode Godderis, CEO IDEWE, professor of Occupational Medicine KU Leuven and author of books about workable work

"Florence Pérès brings countless insights into how to deal with change in a refreshing way. Informative, practical and very creative."
- Luk Dewulf, educationalist, talent and burnout coach, and author of bestsellers about talent and burnout

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