The Baarda Model
  • The Baarda Model
  • The Baarda Model

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Nowadays, job positions are not as clearly defined as they used to be. Increasingly, work is carried out in varying roles where the only constant is the employee - but even he or she has to keep growing and adapting. Our current systems of remuneration are the one thing that has not been moving along. Not only are they unable to keep pace with the dynamics of modern business but they are time consuming and expensive. If you want to abandon them, however, you first have to change the basis for your employees' salaries. That basis is no longer the job position, but the added value that the individual employee contributes.

The Baarda Model shows you how to reward your employees' added value with a transparent system of assessment. Rolf Baarda has developed a model which allows employees to gain an insight into their problem-solving capacity and shows them how to take it to the next level. The model describes eight roles that set out who deals with the most difficult problems, who deals with the less challenging ones and who takes on the simplest issues. It not only helps employees develop themselves, but it also increases their engagement and motivation - and happy employees mean happy customers!

This book was written for HR managers and other executives who want to reward their employees in a decent and transparent way and thus increase their job commitment.

Rolf Baarda is chef de mission of Bureau Baarda, innovators in remuneration management. He has more than 25 years' experience as a consultant and he applied his expertise to devise the Baarda Model, a unique system that precisely maps out employees' added value.

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