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Im telling you my story to give you an idea of the hope that is stored up in our Lord Jesus Christ. Because I lived in bitterness all my life, God could not use the potential that He created in me. As a result of my bitterness, my struggles varied from doubting my gender, doubting my mere existence and of course doubting the love of God for me. Even though I did not always live out my ungodly mindset, I firmly believed that I should live this lifestyle in order to be happy. I never really consulted with God about the matter. I simply thought God was being unfair to me for making me this way Over a timframe of four years, God showed me the issues in my life that made me believe this lie from satan. The lie that robbed me from an abundant life in God and with the people He allowed to cross my path. If you are happy to be gay, you will find that this book is not for you. This book is for people who are unhappy being gay. Although I cannot even begin to think that anyone can be happy not being what he/she was created to be.

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  • : 9789087593797
  • : Engels
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  • : augustus 2013
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